A curated list of common C++ pitfalls that you should avoid learning about the hard way.

While C++ is my favourite programming language for reasons that range from complete control, low-level memory access and the underlying trust-the-programmer philosophy of the language design, these are the very same reasons that have given me bugs that I have lost my sleep over and cost me hundreds in codeforces’ negative delta. While these may look childish at first, when you are writing full-fledged code, these will be hard to isolate and will cost precious time that could otherwise be used in problem-solving and……

My rant about what’s wrong with how it’s taught and an unorthodox introduction to Dynamic Programming.

The Problem Statement.

We are given an array of integers nums[]and our task is to determine the maximum sum we can obtain by selecting a contiguous segment of the array and do it in O(n)time. To lead by example:

nums[] = {-1, 2, 3, -4, 5}
^ ^
start end
output : 6

Here is a link to the LeetCode problem. This problem is often introduced as an introductory one in a DSA101 and in other beginner algorithmic classes.

The Established Solution

Right off…

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